City of New Canaan
New Canaan is nestled between the surrounding towns of Norwalk, Stamford, Darien, Wilton and Westchester County and is known for itís unique community. Thereís no place quite like New Canaan. The downtown area has a flair for antique stores, high end boutiques and luxury retail alike. New Canaan customerís are known for their discerning taste which is why Nielsenís Florist is proud to be able to serve them and deliver flowers all across New Canaan. Some of our best customers drive to Darien just to be able to shop our wide variety of green plants,orchids, succulents and cut flowers. As avid gardeners, New Canaan residents enjoy an extensive selection of outdoor plants, hanging baskets and custom designed containers.

Did you know?

  • New Canaan ranked 8th wealthiest in the country. The median household income is $141,788
  • Christopher Lloyd is from New Canaan
  • Unsurprisingly, New Canaan evolved from rich summer houses built by wealthy New Yorkers who wanted to get out of the city. It soon became a popular commuter town.
  • One of New Canaanís most notable landmarks is that of Philip Johnsonís Glasshouse ( link:, finalized in 1949, a truly magnificent piece of architecture, unheard of in itís time. The exterior walls are made completely of glass.
  • The glasshouse was part of the ĎHarvard Fiveí movement, a group of Harvard architecture students that established themselves in the town of New Canaan and introduced modern architecture to the area.